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Belgium Grand Prix Preview

by F1Fan on August 24, 2010

Formula One Starts the last third of the season with the Belgium Grand Prix held at the famous Spa-Francorchamps Circuit.

Known as one of the fastest of all the formula One circuits Spa-Francorchamp is a mix of extremely long fast straights, many fast corners and unpredictable weather conditions thrown in just to lend a bit of spice to the racing, making it a real challenge for the team engineers when it come to finding optimum setup.

Robert Kubica, Renault F1’s #1 driver sums up Spa in this way:

“Spa is quite different to all the other circuits we run at because, although we use lower downforce levels similar to Canada, this circuit has many more high-speed corners. That makes it tricky to balance the downforce level with getting good top speed, which you need because there are two very long sections at the start and end of the lap, where you spend a long time at full throttle. Often, this is a circuit that throws up some surprises, and suddenly cars that haven’t been quick all year can be good in Spa.”

Kubica’s last point was definitely born out last year when the Force India of Giancarlo Fissichella took pole position and almost one the race only to be beaten by Kimi Raikkonens KERS equipped Ferrari another car that up until Spa had been off pace for most of the season.

Spa should be a good circuit for McLaren, the MP4-25 being one of the fastest cars through the speed traps this season, helped by McLArens innovative F-Duct which improves top line speed, although development in F1 never stands still and now Many of the Top teams have already developed their own versions of this aerodynamic aid, in fact Renault will be using their F-Duct for the first time this season at Spa.

So the will be interesting to see who really has the pace to win at Spa.

The following video released by Red Bull Racing gives great insight into one lap of Spa from the drivers perspective with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel of the Red Bull Race Simulator:

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