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Resurgent Ferrari Take German Grand Prix

by F1Fan on July 26, 2010

A resurgent Ferrari took the top two spots on the podium at yesterdays German Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring circuit. With Fernando Alonso finishing in first place and dejected Felipe Massa in second, but more on that later.

Ferrari made their race winning moves right at the start of the race. Sebastian Vettel lined up on pole with Alonso alongside him and Massa directly behind, Vettel made a poor start and tried to block Alonso by cutting sharply across the track pushing Alonso almost into the wall. In doing so Vettel left a hole big enough to drive a bus though and Felipe Massa sailed by into first place virtually unchallenged, while Vettel and Alonso were scrapping for second a fight that Alonso eventually won relegating Vettel back into third position.

While Vettel was close to the Ferrari’s up front and never really let them get away he was unable to advance and finished in third , definiely not what he was hoping for in front of his home crowd after qualifying on Pole Position becoming only the third German driver to ever be on pole position for the German Grand Prix.

German Grand Prix Results (Top Ten)

Points Earned
1SpainFernando AlonsoFerrari25
2BrazilFelipe MassaFerrari18
3GermanySebastian VettelRed Bull Racing15
4GBLewis HamiltonMcLaren12
5GBJenson ButtonMcLaren10
6AustraliaMark WebberRed Bull Racing8
7PolandlRobert KubicaRenault F16
8GermanyNico RossbergMercedes GP4
9GermanyMichael SchumacherMercedes GP2
10Vitaly PetrovRenault F11
Hockenhiemring Circuit
last updated July 25, 2010
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Alonso’s win today his second win of the season was not without controversy. It looked like it was going to be Massa’s race and although he was challenged by Aonso in the first third of the race for most of the second third or the race Massa was pulling away from his team mate untill around lap 37 when the weather cooled and Alonso started to close the gap. Then on Lap 48 with Alonso closing in Massa’s engineer gave Massa a thinly disguised order to let Alonso by, which he dutifully did, but in very blatent manner on the next lap, making it clear to everyone that he was giving Alonso the position.

Whatever the team politics with Ferrari, over the last few races the team have made some major strides forward and now have a car that at least matches the pace of the Red Bulls, while Mclaren still seem to be struggling for pace finishing the German Grand Prix in a respectable fourth and fifth place (Hamilton 4th, Button 5th) but some 20 seconds back from the Ferrari’s and Vettels Red Bull Racing RB6.

McLaren will need to find some more pace if they are going to be able to stay at the top of the championship, which has now turned into a three horse race between Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren.

Hungary is less than a week away so it will be interesting to see if Ferrari will be able to repeat this past weekends great result. The church bell in Marenello were definitely ringing out yesterday and based upon the teams performance may well be again next Sunday.

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