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Canadian Grand prix – Preview

by F1Fan on June 8, 2010

This weekend after a one year hiatus Formula One returns to North America for the Candian Grand Prix in Montreal.

The race itself is held at the Circuit Gilles Villineuve located on Île Notre-Dame an artificial island located in the Saint Lawrence River immediately just east of Downtown Montreal. The temporary road circuit is known for its bumpy surface and unique combination of long high speed straights followed by difficult slow chicanes and hairpin bends.

The Canadian Grand Prix has always been especially hard on the braking system, but this year with the no refueling rule in place the cars will be carrying some 300 Kilos of fuel and the Brakes will undergo even more punishment. To help make the Brakes survive the duration of the Grand Prix many of the teams will be bringing modified Brake Ducts to improve Brake cooling specifically for this race.

Williams F1 Technical Director Sam Michael recently summed up the Canadian Grand Prix in this way:

“Everyone in the team is really looking forward to going back to Montreal. Not only is it a great city which fully gets behind Formula One when we come to town, but the circuit always produces an exciting Grand Prix. Montreal is one of the few street circuits we race on, but it is a completely different proposition to somewhere like Monaco because the track is dominated by long, high speed straights. As such, aero efficiency is always at a premium and we will be taking new wings to give us optimum performance.

The layout comprises 15 corners, a mix of low and medium speed, so we also have to find a good balance and grip level, while good traction out of the corners is also important. The stop-start nature of the track is heavy on the brakes so we will have new brake ducts for this race as well…”

Due to the circuits long high speed straights the McLaren’s of Button and Hamilton could do well as their “F-Duct” system should give them an advantage. To improve top line speed all of the teams with have low down force aero set ups on the cars and their is a high probability that Mercedes GP, Williams F1, Ferrari, Force India and Red Bull Racing will be using their version of the “F-Duct”.

Should make for a very interesting race, especially after the results in Turkey which have made it really close at the top of both the Drivers and Constructors championships.

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