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Williams Confirms Monaco Grand Prix Crash Causes

by F1Fan on May 22, 2010

Williams saw both of its cars crash out of the Monaco Grand Prix. Nico Hulkenberg crashed out on the fist lap and Rubens Barrichello crashed coming up the hill after turn two on lap 30 while in 11 place.

Both events caused massive damage to the cars eliminating Rosberg and Barrichello from the race and at worryingly at the time had no readily apparent cause.

Subsequent investigations on the chassis’s following the Grand Prix confirmed that Nico Hulkenberg had a couple of problems, a clutch paddle sensor failure on the grid and then in turn 1 he touched the back of the HRT car damaging the front wing mounting pillars. As Rosberg entered the tunnel, the front wing eventually failed and he understeered off into the wall at high speed.

Williams was initially worried that Barrichello’s accident was caused by rear suspension failure, however upon further analysis of all the data and Chassis back at the teams base in England Williams has concluded that it was actually caused by an errant loose drain hole cover that hit Barrichello’s rear wheel as he drove over it and released the following Statement:

Following an investigation, AT&T Williams confirmed today that the cause of Rubens Barrichello’s crash at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday 16 May 2010 was a loose manhole cover at Turn 2. As Rubens’ car drove over the manhole cover, the cover was spun up and hit the rear left wheel, causing failure. The car was badly damaged in the ensuing crash which ended Rubens’ race. This incident has been reported to the FIA.

So while the Monaco Grand Prix was a wash out for Williams from the point of view of Championship results the good news is that the chassis does not have any underlying structural problems and with the additional new parts that will be on the car for the Turkish Grand Prix the team is looking for another step forward in race pace and subsequent results.

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