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Spanish Grand Prix – Webber Untouchable

by F1Fan on May 9, 2010

Mark Webber completely dominated the Spanish Grand Prix today easily winning making this the third win of his career and his second win this season.

Unsuccessfully challenged by his teammate Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton for the lead into the first corner Webber never looked back, putting in a flawless drive though out the entire Grand Prix, regularly setting fastest lap as his fuel load burnt off of his Red Bull RB6. Only in the closing stages of the race after Webber had built a commanding lead and had reduced his pace to save his engine did Alonso and Hamilton get anywhere close to matching his pace.

Not only did Webber perform flawlessly but so did his car, seemingly putting to bed the concerns over reliability of the Red Bull design. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Sebastian Vettel who had a difficult race with many challenges. At the start of the race Vettel defended second position from Lewis Hamilton in the first corner and it looked as though it was going to be a Red Bull one two finish as both Red Bull cars drove away from the rest of the field. Vettel pitted earlier than Hamilton and unfortunately had a very slow pit stop. Hamilton managed to put in some fast laps and his stop several laps later was lightening fast, allowing him to come out just in front of Vettel.

From then on Hamilton drove well in Second position and finally claimed fastest lap of the race, but it was to little to late, compounded by his front left wheel coming apart with two laps to go, sending his McLaren into the tire barrier ripping off the front left suspension and finishing his race.

Meanwhile Vettel had been battling a problem with his adjustable front spoiler and then on lap 55 came into the Pits to change his tires because of a problem he was having with his front left wheel, loosing a position to Fernando Alonso. Unfortunately it was not a tire issue but a Brake problem, with just 8 laps to go his engineer informed Vettel over the team radio “Take it easy on Braking” and then two laps later the message was “Your Brakes are About to go – be very careful”. Not something a F1 driver want to hear when trying to get the maximum points possible.

Luckily Michael Schumacher was some 20 seconds adrift of Vettel so we was able to nurse his car home. With Hamilton’s crash on lap 65 Vettel unexpectedly claimed the last place on the podium.

In front of his home crowd Alonso must have been pleased with his race, Starting in 4th and maintaining his position throughout the race he eventually finish second after Hamilton and Vettels problems. It just goes to show that anything can happen and very often does.
Finishing the Race you would have thought that Alonso had won by the crowd reaction – they just went bonkers when he parked his Ferrari alongside Mark Webbers Red Bull.

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