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Spanish Grand Prix – Thursday press Conference with Sebastian Vettel

by F1Fan on May 6, 2010

The day before Practice begins the FIA holds a press conference with five of the Drivers competing in the Spanish Grand Prix. Today it was the turn of Fernando Alonso (FA) [Ferrari], Jaime Alguersuari (JA) [Toro Rosso], Pedro de la ROSA (PDLR) [BMW Sauber F1], Bruno Senna (BS) [HRT], Sebastian Vettel (SV) [Red Bull Racing].

Here are the excerpts of the press conference involving Sebastian Vettel

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Q: A question to you all about the modifications you are getting here on your cars and what you are expecting they might do for the performance. Jaime, would you like to start.

Q: Sebastian, Red Bull always bring loads of modifications to every race.
Sebastian Vettel (SV): We try our best. Similar for all the teams in the top. You try to at least stay where you are if not make a step forward, so we brought some new parts. I think we are in the same situations as the others as I said trying to make a step forward. I had a haircut. I saw Fernando had one to. I dropped more than he did, so I hope that our car will make a bigger step than his and we can stay ahead, so we have to see. Obviously it is a lot of work tomorrow. Not quite sure if we are in the right country. Usually it is always sunny. It is quite cold I think for Spain, but if any, it should help us coming from the north. We are used to this kind of weather but wouldn’t mind if it was a bit warmer, so what is wrong with your country?
FA: You have to go to my home town. It is hot.

Q: Another question to all of you. What is your target at this stage of the season? What are you looking to do to improve over the next few races?
SV: I think for us, like everyone, we had four races. One out of four was perfect. Two out of four we struggled for reliability, so we didn’t finish where we wanted to and then another one out of four was chaotic. In the end I think we saved a couple of points at least. It was not our strongest weekend in China but at least some points, so it is a bit up and down. For here and for the next couple of races just trying to execute a clean Sunday. On Saturdays we have always been very strong, so just trying to convert Saturday’s strength into a good Sunday result.

Q: Sebastian, you’ve had three poles, and actually won from the time that you didn’t have pole position. The last nine races here have been won by the pole-winner, you might like to hear. So, how important is pole going to be this weekend?
SV: Pole is always important. As Pedro said, where you put the car on Saturday will determine your race result by quite a bit on Sunday, but the race is there to find out and there are no points on Saturday. I think we have had good Saturdays. In the race that I won in Malaysia I started third which is still at the front, so not too bad, but obviously the target is the same again: start from pole and try to win the race. I had a similar comment, I remember, last year in Istanbul where someone came to me on the grid and said the last five winners at Istanbul all came from pole position but it turned out to be different on that day. Statistics are nice for you guys but for us it’s more the day that counts and the moment, so we try to do our best. First of all we need to focus on tomorrow, trying to get every part to work and then we will see where we can put the car on Saturday on the grid and on Sunday we will have a long race, so it will be tough.


Q: (Joris Fioriti – AFP) Sebastian, you’ve had the best car, but you’ve only won one race out of four, so now the championship starts. Do you think you can make it in this new championship?
SV: Well, that’s our target. I think I am in the wrong place if I don’t believe in us and in myself. Yes, the first four races were a bit up and down. We had only one win but in the end that’s history, we can’t change it any more. We have to look ahead and that’s all we try to focus on first of all tomorrow and then Saturday and Sunday and whatever comes after that is of zero importance now. All eyes are now on this weekend, so we try to go step by step and I think that’s the only way that you can be consistent and the only way that you can ultimately fight for a championship.

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