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Spanish Grand Prix – Thursday Press Conference with Jaime Alguersuari

by F1Fan on May 6, 2010

Practice at the Spanish Grand Prix starts tomorrow and today the FIA held a press conference with five of the Drivers competing in Sunday’s race. Not surprisingly this time the FIA choose 3 Spanish Drivers: Fernando Alonso (FA) [Ferrari]; Jaime Alguersuari (JA) [Toro Rosso]; Pedro de la ROSA (PDLR) [BMW Sauber F1] and the driver for a Spanish Team Bruno Senna (BS) [HRT], Sebastian Vettel (SV) [Red Bull Racing] being the odd man out.

Here are the excerpts of the press conference involving Jaime Alguersuari

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Q: A question to you all about the modifications you are getting here on your cars and what you are expecting they might do for the performance. Jaime, would you like to start.
Jaime Alguersuari (JA): We have some upgrades for this race and hopefully we can see a big improvement for Barcelona. Hopefully we will have dry weather, so we can really see it and we need to see with the upgrades where the other teams are.

Q: Will it take you ahead of the next team ahead of you?
JA: If you analyse the last races and you see our qualifying we were two or three tenths off Q3, so I think with two or three tenths off Q3 it is quite nice to have a nice development. To arrive in Q3 would be a nice objective for us.

Q: Another question to all of you. What is your target at this stage of the season? What are you looking to do to improve over the next few races? Jaime, would you like to start again.
JA: Well, for the moment I think the season has been quite good for us. We just need to keep on working like that and keep on being in the points. That is the aim for my team. That is my aim. I think we are capable of doing that and hopefully now we know the tracks more or less, we did the winter testing here, so it is a bit better than going to China or Malaysia or Australia where I have never been. Same job as we have done in the past and hopefully we are on the right path.

Q: Jaime, this is the first circuit you actually know. What sort of difference is that going to make?
JA: Well, definitely the Friday philosophy will change. I will go with a different mind in FP1 as I do not have to familiarize with the track or to learn the track. I can push from the first minute onwards, so that is mainly the best reason.


Q: (Carlos Miquel – Diario AS) Fernando, Pedro and Jaime; it’s the first time that there have been three Spanish Formula One drivers in the press conference. What’s the best quality of your compatriots, Pedro, Fernando, Jaime and do you think that Spain could win a championship of nations with the same car?
PdlR: OK, age first, yeah? Man, you’ve asked a lot of questions there, eh? I think that we could definitely win, for sure. We are the Spanish Armada. It’s renowned to be strong. It would be fun, it would be fun actually. I think Germany would be quite tough to beat, especially, but anyway, we would be there. On the other side of the question, don’t forget that Fernando and Jaime are rivals. They’re Spanish but it doesn’t mean that I (don’t) want badly to beat them as well. I am really very impressed by Jaime’s maturity for his age. I think he’s really handled coming into Formula One in a very well organised and very mature way, so I’m very impressed. What can I say about Fernando that you don’t know? We know how tough he is and how hard he is to beat in the same car, so he will be a little bit of ahead of me, so I hope that I can get close to him in the race but he’s a tough cookie, eh?
FA: More or less the same as Pedro’s answer. I think now that Spain could be favourite in this hypothetical championship, with Germany as well and Brazil may be.
BS: Thank you.
FA: As Pedro said, Jaime is very mature and I think approaching the races in a very good way, trying to learn as many things as possible with no mistakes. The time will come to him because he’s very young and has a lot of time to show more potential. And with Pedro, I think he’s a great driver. I had the pleasure to work with him at McLaren, so I know first-hand how good he is and all the experience that he had in his career and now he’s ready to use it. Unfortunately this year the car is not perfectly OK in terms of performance, but hopefully it can improve and Pedro will show how good a driver he is.
JA: Well, I think it would be great to drive with them, because I could obviously learn so many things with the same car, the same situation. I would say a Spanish team would be quite strong in this instance, and obviously it would be a pleasure to drive with them. I could see so many things that I can’t now. It’s also quite strange to think about this. I think they are both great drivers and they have experience which I am lacking. I have nothing to add about Pedro; he’s very mature and very experienced and he could show me so many things about Formula One. And Fernando has always been a reference for us, for me especially when I was go-karting in Spain and outside when I was watching him in Formula One, so it would be nice to do this, yes.

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