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Ferrari Working Day & Night for Barcelona

by F1Fan on May 5, 2010

Ferrari have been working flat out to get ready for the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend.

The bulk of the work has been on the new “Blown Wing Design” and finding a solution to the engine problems that have plagued the team.

Since returning from China Ferrari engineers have been working around the clock on the engines and after a lot of work on the test bench Ferrari believe they have some answers to the problem and have the solutions to the reliability problems experienced in Bahrain and Malaysia. Now it is up to the FIA to authorize Ferrari to make the needed changes within within the current engine regulations.

If the FIA approves then these modifications will be fitted to the engines for the Spanish Grand Prix.

THe new “Blown Rear Wing” is also a major development task, since the FIA ruled that the original McLaren design fell within the rules several teams including Ferrari have been working to produce their own version of the “Blown Rear Wing”. The advantage of this design is straight line speed because of reduced drag when the down-force created by the rear wing is reduced through the disturbance of air running over the rear wing.

In Mclaren’s design this is operated by the driver opening a duct which funnels air from the front of the car to an exit point just in front of the rear wing disturbing the normal airflow over the car. So you can have the down-force when you need it, a get rid of it on the straights, improving top line speed.

Using this idea is not as straightforward as simply fitting a new component and Ferrari have been working on a solution for quite some time, because it involves not just a different wing design, but also a driver-operated system to use it effectively. Ferrari’s solution made its track debut last Saturday during one of the four FIA sanctioned straight-line aero tests, which was held at Vairano with Giancarlo Fisichella was at the wheel.

After that successful initial trial further tests will be carried out by both Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso during the free practice sessions this thursday at the Circuit de Catalunya, so that they can get used to actually operating the system. After free practice, the team and drivers will make the decision regarding its use for qualifying and the race.

If these developments work well we may well see Fernando Alonso competing for the lead in his home race. Now that would really set the Spanish fans alight!

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