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USF1 Creditors Are Closing In

by F1Fan on April 12, 2010

While their has been no recent news on what is happening to all of USF1’s expensive Computer and Manufacturing equipment now that all the employees have apparently been laid off ,or for that matter the custom facility being built at Motorland Aragon in Spain. However It seems that the teams Creditors in England are moving somewhat more quickly to try to minimize their exposure.

Several news sources are reporting that the two custom transporters the team purchased from Brawn GP (now Mercedes GP) have been seized in England under a court order issued by the High Court at the request of a UK based Creditor and have been placed on EBay for sale.

David Carter, Director of The Sheriffs Office who is responsible for enforcing the court order, is quoted by Autosport as saying:

“As a keen motorsport fan, it is certainly one of the more interesting seizures we’ve made,”

“The trailers were recently bought from Brawn GP by the judgment debtor and really are something special. We’ve already has a lot of interest and are now selling them via eBay.”

So, if you are looking for a really special trailer to transport you track car to the circuit, this could be the deal of the century. Of course you will need a pretty heavy duty tractor unit, and transportation from the UK won’t be cheap either.

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