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Australian Grand Prix – Thursday Press Conference with Vitaly Petrov

by F1Fan on March 25, 2010

Today the FiA conducted its pre event Press Conference with selected Drivers from this weekends Australian Grand Prix. At each event the FIA selects a number of drivers from the competing teams and today it was the turn of: Vitaly Petrov (Renault), Bruno SENNA (HRT), Jarno Trulli (Lotus) and Mark Webber (Red Bull).

For the first time I am trying something different and have parsed the questions and answers into different articles based upon the Driver/Team.

For those of you that are Renault F1 fans here are relevant portions of Vitaly Petrov’s Australian Grand Prix Thursday Press Conference.

Red Bull Racing Fans Click Here for Mark Webbers Press Conference responses.

Lotus Racing Fans Click Here for Jarno Trulli Press Conference responses

HRT F1 Racing Fans Click Here for Brunno Senna Press Conference responses.

Press Conference – Vitaly Petrov (VP) [Renault F1]

Q. Vitaly, any surprises for you about Formula One in your first grand prix in Bahrain?

VP: Surprise in Bahrain? Not really. I don’t know. It was like a racing weekend like it was in GP2. It was just Formula One.

Q. What did you find particularly difficult about Formula One though?

VP: Difficult means getting quicker like the guys in front of us. It is very difficult to improve the car as you need to tell your engineer, your mechanics, the people around where we can improve the car and this is the most difficult part when I start to work with them. It is not difficult, but to improve the car you must go to the engine guys and say ‘come on, I need more power’ or something like this.

Q. How has the reaction been in Russia to you racing in Formula One?

VP: There was a big explosion there. A lot of newspapers and magazines started to speak and write about me. I don’t know what’s happened there now but now my manager has brought me some magazines to look at and a lot speak about me.

Q. Will you be going to Russia quite soon?

VP: I don’t think so. Too much work. I try to focus on F1. I don’t want to think about anything more.


Q. (Livio Oricchio – O Estado de Sao Paulo) Michael Schumacher was slower than his team-mate in all free practices, in qualifying and in the race in Bahrain. What happened, and can Michael Schumacher come back to being the Michael Schumacher that we knew?

VP: Nico Rosberg is not slow driver. He was maybe not in a strong team in the last few years. He’s very strong, he has a good car now, but wait, Michael will wake up very soon and he will come back and it will be interesting to look at.

If you like this format let me know by posting a comment below and I will make it a regular feature.

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