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Australian Grand Prix – Thursday Press Conference with Jarno Trulli

by F1Fan on March 25, 2010

The Thursday before every Grand Prix event the FiA conducts a pre event Press Conference with selected Drivers. Today it was the turn of: Vitaly Petrov (Renault), Bruno Senna (HRT), Jarno Trulli (Lotus) and Mark Webber (Red Bull).

Rather than just post the complete Press Conference verbatim I am trying something different and have parsed the questions and answers into different Articles based upon the Team/Driver.

For those of you that are Lotus Racing Fans here are relevant portions of the Australian Grand Prix Thursday Press Conference with Jarno Trulli.

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Jarno Trulli (JT) [Lotus Racing]- Press Conference

Q. Jarno, your feelings after Bahrain? It was an impressive performance.

JT: Well, we were all very happy as a team to have Lotus back in Formula One after 16 years and to finish the race with both cars. This is what our target was and we achieved it. Not in an easy way as for the new teams life is very hard at the beginning. We were limited in time and the team has done a great, great job to put both cars on the grid well prepared and reliable. I think the team had done a very good job. Operationally we are extremely experienced as there are a lot of experienced people who are also professional. The pit stops, race preparation, race weekend, all went pretty smoothly. We had some little mechanical gremlins but nothing really major. The last 10 laps were difficult for me as I lost the hydraulic but I managed anyway to finish the race. At the end of the day Bahrain was a great day for Lotus. Now we have to look forward and see how we can improve our performance.

Q. Do you think you can get on terms with the established teams during this year?

JT: The aim is to get closer. How close we don’t know. At the moment it is a bit too difficult. We know that these first four races will be very hard. We don’t have any major improvement on the car. Only once we are back in Europe we will probably start pushing. We know that we have a lot of work ahead of us but the team has shown they are very committed. Everybody is committed and motivated and serious about this project. But things are not going to happen from one day to another as we need a bit of time.

Q. Not much progress here except for some more running.

JT: We have got a few bits, probably as everybody else, but nothing really major and what we would need to make a step. We target the first four races to try and sort the little problems out and try to be reliable in order to finish all the races and to run the team through the race weekend like qualifying, pit stop, and do our job to build up and gel the team together. Then once in Europe we will really have to start pushing hard on the car development.


Q. (Paolo Ianieri – La Gazzetta dello Sport) Jarno (and Mark), you raced here last year with the new time schedule and you’re pretty influential in the GPDA. Do you think there are some security issues in racing at this time now that you have one year’s experience, or are you going to find a way to see better even in bad sunlight conditions?

JT: We raised our concerns last year but apparently nothing has changed. There is very little you can do on the safety side on the track, apart from starting the race an hour earlier which probably won’t hurt anyone. We have given our opinion and that’s it. The FIA or whoever has decided to keep the twilight race at that time, so we just have to deal with it. This year, if we want to make a change for next year, we will say that we are very happy at the end of the race. That’s the only way.

Q. (Joris Fioriti – AFP) Jarno, at this time of your career, isn’t it disappointing to just want to finish a race as an objective?

JT: Well, you have to finish a race if you want to score points, so this is a good point for both of us. Obviously I was hoping for more, but given the situation where Formula One was, I think I made a good choice to join Lotus. It’s a new team but with a great brand behind it and especially a great motivation and a big project. I knew that it would have been a difficult first season, first part of the season, but my hope is that I’m going to do this season like a preparation for next year and so it’s somehow a bit disappointing, but on the other hand, I think it’s also important for a driver to have a new challenge and also prove that you can start again from zero and bounce back. I think that if I can do it, I can once more prove that I can do a certain job. Obviously it’s not going to be easy, I think, but I’m motivated and strong enough to do that, and so probably in one year’s time I will discuss again and see where we all are with Lotus, me and the team. I’m looking forward to this challenge and I’m really fired up.

Q. (Livio Oricchio – O Estado de Sao Paulo) Michael Schumacher was slower than his team-mate in all free practices, in qualifying and in the race in Bahrain. What happened, and can Michael Schumacher come back to being the Michael Schumacher that we knew?

JT: I think they’ve (Vitaly Petrov, Bruno Senna, Mark Webber) all said everything. It’s difficult to judge after one race. I believe Michael needs a bit of time anyway to get back into the rhythm but nevertheless I don’t think his team-mate is any slower than him. He’s got quite a tough task ahead of him, a long season, he’s got a strong team-mate and he has another new career ahead of him. He needs to develop. Give him some time and he will probably be back on the pace.

If you like this format let me know by posting a comment below and I will make it a regular feature.

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