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USF1 Update

by F1Fan on March 16, 2010

Well there is still not much concrete news about USF1, apparently John Todt, President of the FIA has been tasked with investigating USF1’s failure to make it to the grid this year, what the outcome of this investigation will be is anybodies guess.

The F1 media pundits seem to believe that sanctions against the team are the most probable outcome but I am hoping for a more enlightened approach. Alongside this Investigation the FIA is also in the process of developing the process by which new entries for the 2011 season will be selected. Just perhaps USF1 will be given some preferential treatment.

It seems to me USF1 is in a catch 22 situation, if they have an entry to the grid in 2011 they can get money, without an entry no money and they cannot move forward. The longer this process takes the risk of loosing their potential investors rises, not to mention that the assembled talent will have moved on and the risk of failure again increases.

Automobile Magazine has just published a great article (USF1: THE WINNING FORMULA) on USF1’s flawed attempt at entry into Formula One. It gives some good insight into the team and some of reasons it all went wrong.

Can USF1 rise again from the ashes, who knows? A lot will depend on the findings and recommendations from John Todt.

Keeping my fingers crossed for an early positive decision.

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