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What Every F1 Fan Needs

by F1Fan on March 11, 2010

The new F1 Timing Application for the 2010 season from SoftPauer.

If you own an Apple iPhone or iTouch you just have to get this application, I downloaded and purchased mine from the Apple F1? 2010 Timing App - Championship Pass store when it first came out last year and it is truely amazing.

Using the same live timing feeds and data as used by the Formula One teams this application allows you to follow the race in real time.

The race screen can be viewed either horizontally or vertically by rotating the device.

In the Vertical View the screen is split into three main areas. The top section displays the current driver leaderboard for practice, qualifying and race sessions and is scrollable so that you can look through the entire field.

The middle section has various race information such as race status – displayed as a flag or safety car, the race time and laps completed/remaining and a scrolling information field that contains track temperature, weather etc.

The bottom section displays a visual representation of the live race timing information. With the capability to zoom in or rotate using pinch-zoom and moving your finger left or right, and up or down the screen.

In this section the cars are represented as coloured circles. The lower circle moving around the track indicates the approximate position of that car on the track. The number on the car is that car’s current position in the race order. You can select a driver by selecting one of the cars.

The colour of the car indicates the speed of the current lap:

White: car has not improved its best sector time.

Green: car has set personal best time for the previous sector.

Purple: car has set the fastest time of any car for the previous sector.

Yellow: indicates the car position is not current.

The larger circle displayed above each car contains an abbreviation of the driver’s name. The larger circles also change colour depending on the status of each car:

White: normal.

Green: race leader.

Red: car stopped.

Yellow: your selected driver.

Want to have a larger view, switch to Horizontal View by rotating your iPhone or ITouch and the track view becomes full screen with a list of driver names on the left hand side. The bar at the bottom of the screen contains the same information as the middle bar in vertical mode.

There is a toggle button in horizontal view that allows you to toggle between the full Track View and a detailed timing screen.
In the scrollable horizontal timing screen mode live timing data for all the cars on track is displayed. You can see at a glance each driver’s last laptime, gap to the race leader, sector times, number of pitstops (in the race), driver’s status (e.g. Pitted, Out), and number of laps completed. The lap and sector times are colour coded.:

White: most recent time recorded by a car, and is not a personal best.

Green: car has set personal best.

Purple: car has set the fastest time of any car.

Yellow: indicates the number is no longer the most recent time recorded for that car.

Their is also a raft of information on the Drivers Teams, Races, Circuits and World Championship standings accessible through the application and even live commentary available through the News screen.

I wouldn’t be without it and the new features in 2010 edition have just made it better. If you are a real F1 fan its well worth the price to be able to follow the whole 2010 season in the palm of your hand no matter where you are.
Available now from Apples itunes Store – click here >F1? 2010 Timing App - Championship Pass

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