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BMW Sauber Missing from F1 Entrants

by F1Fan on February 23, 2010

In a Formula One season that just seems to be getting stranger and stranger another team goes missing.

Already two new teams, USF1 and Campos Meta 1, have big question marks hanging over them as to their readiness and Financial condition. Then today the FIA published the offical list of entrants for the 2010 Formuala One season and BMW Sauber F1 is nowhere to be seen.

Back in early December last year the FIA issued a Press Release to the effect that they had informed BMW Sauber AG that they had been accepted as the 13th entry into the 2010 F1 Season, subject to the team signing the Concorde agreement.

Then why are only twelve teams shown as entrants to this years championship onthe FIA’s 2010 Formula One World Championship webpage, could it be that Sauber never signed the Concorde agreement, or maybe it’s an issue of what the team name will be, or even if the legal entity “BMW Sauber AG” no longer exists.

If indeed for some strange reason the team is no longer officially recognized by the FIA It seems odd that the team would be allowed to participate at the first three official test sessions in Valencia, and Jerez. unless something has recently happened in the past few days and the team has withdrawn from the championship. We know that their new car was particularly devoid of sponsorship when unveiled, so maybe the issue is financial.

Kamui Kobayashi and Pedro De La Rosa must be wondering if they are indeed going to be able to participate in this years F1 championship. the possible exclusion of BMW Sauber F1 from the 2010 season is the last thing F1 needs, especially given the strong pace during testing that the new car and both drivers have shown so far.

Hopefully the FIA or BMW Sauber will set the record straight and tell us what really is happening in the not to distant future.

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