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Oh!! USF1 Say it Ain’t So

by F1Fan on February 18, 2010

Rumors surrounding the viability of USF1 have been building for the last couple of months and today the New York Times delivered another nail in their coffin with a pretty negative assessment of the teams current status and likelihood that they will be able to participate in the Bahrain Grand Prix less than 1 month away.

According to Viv Bernstein, the prolific contributing Autosports journalist of the New York Times and author of the article

“the team still does not have a fully built racecar and will not participate in a crash test in England that had been planned this week. Although Jose Maria Lopez of Argentina, who is signed to drive for USF1, said the car would be tested in Alabama at the end of February, no test is scheduled or planned.

“The bottom line is really simple: Sponsor money didn’t come through the way it was supposed to and it has grinded down the company to a halt,” said a person with knowledge of the problems facing USF1, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They’re having trouble making payroll, they’re having trouble paying suppliers and that’s the situation they find themselves in.”

Bernie Ecclestone , F1 supremo has also been pretty vocal recently expressing his skepticism that USF1 and Campos Meta 1 will be able to make the first race,  promoting Stephan GP, the outfit that purchased the Toyota car and some of the old Toyota organization, as a viable alternative.

These reports coupled with numerous Internet rumors of imminent implosion certainly makes one question what is the real situation at USF1? While some of those rumors may be taken with a pinch of salt, comeing from the same sources that also reported the implausable takeover of Campos Meta 1 by Bernie Ecclestone and Volkswagen, the old saying “There is no smoke without fire.” springs to mind.

I guess its the silence from USF1 that bothers me the most, while I realize that the most important issue to deal with is not the team defending itself against every internet rumor, however regular news of progress with USF1’s Type 1 development does not seem to much to ask. The teams Site has not been updated since the announcement of Jose Maria Lopez’s signing, now almost a month ago.

USF1 give us some hope! Don’t keep your fans in the dark! If sponsorship is the issue why not get us, the American public to sponsor you, as it seems that Corporate America is too Chicken Shit to take the chance. To sponsor a team that will participate in the biggest world wide sporting television audience in the world seems a no brainer to me especially considering many US Products are worldwide brands. I guess American business is just too parochial. So why not take a leaf out of the Red Cross’s recent fund raising efforts, use social media marketing along with your friends at SpeedTV to get the message out  combined with the ability for text enabled donations, you may be amazed how much you can raise.

Just don’t give up!!!

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