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US F1 – Yet More Video

by F1Fan on January 14, 2010

It looks like the marketing arm of the US F1 Team is finally getting busy or maybe just becoming fully staffed. Either way US F1 appears to be releasing information on a much more regular basis. Here are the next two episodes in Bob Varsha’s recent visit to US F1.

The behind the scenes video with Speed Channel’s Bob Varsha interviewing US F1’s various design engineers and CFD experts is enlightening. These are people that usually never get any on camera exposure, and in some cases you can see why, not everyone has good camera presence, or necessarily say the right things, but it is interesting to get a look into the bowels of the only US start up formula One team.

Why Peter Windsor gave Bob Varsha a stick microphone god only knows, Bob’s level of comfort using it is obviously way below that of Peter Windsor, but I guess it just goes to show that experience does count, something US F1 should maybe bear in mind when they finally select their drivers.

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