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USF1 and Virgin not the only Teams to Use CFD

by F1Fan on January 7, 2010

Force India LogoJust before Christmas Force India quietly announced that they had formed an exclusive partnership with Computational Research Laboratories (CFL) a Subsidiary of Tata Sons to offer a fully automated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design solution for Force India’s next generation cars.

This is the same advanced technology that USF1 and especially Virgin Racing are making such a big deal about. In these expense limited times within Formula One the ability to go straight from design to full production prototypes without extensive wind tunnel testing on scale models can be a major time and cost saver.

The computational speed that CFD requires is almost beyond belief, CFL Force India’s partner will be using the “eka”, India’s fastest supercomputer capable of 133 trillion calculations per second which will increase Force india’s CFD computing power over 400% in the first year of operation.

Commenting on the new agreement Force India Chairman and Principal Dr. Vijay Maliya said:

”Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations are a critical part of Force India’s car design process to continually improve the team’s aerodynamic performance. The tie-up with CRL will significantly accelerate Force India’s computational simulations to drive better on-track results. The tie-up with CRL gives us an immediate 200% increase in our CFD processing capability which will rise to almost 800% by the end of 2010. We have integrated our own CFD methods with the CRL facility to allow Force India’s CFD engineers to seamlessly interface between the UK and India effectively, giving us increased processing power. The CRL facility allows us to run significantly more CFD cases, in the region of 200% more cases per day, with twice the model size currently possible. In the future this will increase still further and also allow Force India to undertake significant development of the current CFD methods in us”.

CRL Chairman, Mr. S Ramodarai, Chairman, echoed Vijay Maliyay’s comments:

“With this partnership, CRL reconfirms its commitment to develop technology that will aid in design activities and make it seamless for the companies to take advantage of HPC (High Performance Computing). We are really proud to be associated with a brand such as Force India Formula One Team which has showcased India as a team to watch in the global motor racing arena. This deal demonstrates the value that an organization can get by leveraging ‘eka’, and the complete HPC support ecosystem we have set up at CRL.”
Virtual wind tunnel simulation applications on ‘eka’, using Computational Fluid Dynamics, can help address the limitations of a testing environment in understanding the impact of design on the aerodynamic abilities of aeroplanes and automobiles. The CFD designs for Formula One cars, are amongst the most complicated, and require extremely high computing powers for timely and accurate results. CRL will provide Force India with a complete HPC ecosystem, ranging from fully automated pre processing to post processing simulation work flow on ‘eka’, customized configurations to application optimization services for Force India’s design activities.

So while the FIA diligently works to dumb down Formula One, the actual teams involved are more and more using advanced technologies to design ever faster race cars in shorter periods of time.

I for one hopes this process never stops, to me it is what F1 is all about.

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