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Singapore Grand Prix, Marina Bay Street Circuit

The Singapore Grand Prix, Round 15 of the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship and the only Grand Prix held at night takes place under artificial lights around the Marina Bay Street circuit in downtown Singapore.

While being only three years old the Singapore Grand Prix has quickly gained a reputation as one of the must see events on the Formula One Calendar and proved immediately popular with the Formula One teams as its night race schedule allows team personnel to remain on European time.

The Singapore Grand Pix also gained a certain amount of notoriety as the location of the Renault Crashgate Scandal after the initial race was marred by the after Nelson Piquets crash effectively allowed Fernando Alonso to win the race. The following FIA investigation resulted in the disqualification and banning of Team Principal Flavio Briatore, and Cheif Engineer Pat Symonds from Formula one for life. A decision that was appealed by Briatore and Symonds and finally settled by the FIA resulting in the pair accepting a reduced penalty.


Length of lap: 3.2 Miles (5.1km)
Lap record : 1:45.599 (Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari )
Number of Turns: 25 (10 RH, 15 LH)
Number of race laps: 61
Total race distance: 192.21 Miles (309.32km)
Pitlane speed limits: 60km/h during practice sessions; 100km/h during qualifying and race

Marina Bay Street Circuit Layout

A number have changes have been made to the circuit since since it was opened in 2008. In 2009 the Pit lane exit was moved to mitigate safety concerns as the original exit enter the track right on the apex of the corner at the end of the long front straight. This year additional changes have been made with the aim of improving safety and the racing.

• The track has been resurfaced in various places, the most important being around turn 5 and on the approach to turn 7.

• The first and third apex kerbs at turn 10 have been moved slightly in order to ‘point’ cars further left on the exit of the chicane. The former has been moved right by one metre and the latter left by two metres.

• The kerb on the exit of turn 10 has been moved closer to the wall to prevent cars from being able to mount it.

• The wall on the exit of turn 21 has been moved slightly closer to the track to cover half of the drain covers.

• A new track cleaning machine has been brought in to help prevent any repetition of the dust problems encountered in 2009.

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