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German Grand Prix – Hockenheimring

The German Grand Prix alternates between two famous German racing circuits, Hockenheimring and the Nürburgring. This season Round 11 of the 2010 Formula One World Championship will be held at the historic Hockenheimring circuit.

Originally built in 1932 it was used in its early years primarily for Motorcycle racing, The initial circuit configuration was almost 5miles in length (8 Km) and extremely difficult with very long high speed straights through the surrounding forest.

In 1965 a major upgrade was performed to the circuit and the now famous “Motodrom” stadium section was added, and shortening the track length to just over 4 miles (6.8 Km). Over the years minor changes were made to try to improve safety with additional Chicanes added to slow the cars on the long fast straight sections of the track. While this configuration was a favorite with the Drivers it meant that much of the over taking action in the chicanes was out of site of most of the spectators located in the Motodrom section, coupled with the extremely long track length meant that a Formula One race only lasted some 45 laps.

After a disastrous grand Prix in 2000 the FIA demanded additional changes to the circuit to improve safety and spectator viewing the circuit was redesigned by Herman Tilke, retaining the Motodrome stadium section but being shortened to its current configuration of 2.842 Miles (4.574 KM). This new congifuration did away with the old forest section and to many of the older Formula One drivers took away a lot of the challenge of the track although from a spectator point of view they now get to see an additional 22 laps of action.

Hockenhiemring like most of the european Grand Prix’s is always well attended usually hosting upwards of 120,000 spectators for the Grand Prix itself most of them located in the Grandstands surrounding the “Motodrom” stadium section which give Hockenheim its unique atmosphere which some drivers have likened to attending a Championship soccer match.


Length of lap: 2.842 Miles (4.574km)
Lap record : 1:13.780 (Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren )
Number of Turns: 17 (11 RH, 6 LH)
Number of race laps: 67
Total race distance: 190.43 Miles (306.46km)
Pitlane speed limits: 60km/h during practice sessions; 100km/h during qualifying and race

Hockenheimring Layout

For the broadcast schedule of the 2010 German Grand Prix Click Here.

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