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Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai International Circuit

Shanghai International Circuit, location of the Chinese Grand Prix is another Herman Tilke Designed track.

Purpose built to host the Formula One World championship the circuit held its first F1 grand prix on September 26th, 2004. Located in the Jiading District of Shanghai International Automobile City (SIAC) Shanghai International Circuit (SIC) boasts some of the world’s most sophisticated facilities. The circuit cpmplex covers a total area of just over 2 square miles (5.3 km²), with the track itself taking up  almost 1 square mile (2.5 km²).

The circuit is located in a convenient locaion, accessible from the main highways, approximately 19 miles (30km) to the city center and 12.5 miles (20km) to the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, surrounded by Jia Jin Highway (A5), Hu Jia Liu Highway (A12) and Outer Loop Highway (A30).

In addition to the Formula One Grand Prix SIC  hosts a series of world-class motor racing events including MotoGP and Chinese Grand Prix motor racing and before its untimely demise A1GP.

Circuit Data

• Track length: 3.387 mi (5.451 km)
• Number of laps: 56
• Race Distance: 189.685 mi (305.269 km)
• Average speed: 127 mph (205km/h)
• lap record: 1:32.238 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari)
• Estimated maximum speed: 203 mph (327km/h)
• Longest straight: 0.730 mi (1.175 km)
• Width: 42.7 ~ 49.2 ft (13 ~ 15m) [normally 46ft (14m), to a maximum of 65.6 ft (20m) in the corners)
• Number of turns: 14 (7 left hander and 7 right hander)
• Maximum radius in the corner: 395.5 ft (120.55m)
• Minimum radius in the corner: 28.9 ft (8.80m)
• The axis of the race track at its highest point above sea level: +36.9 ft (11.24 m)
• The axis of the race track at its lowest point above sea level: + 14.8 ft (4.50 m)
• The maximum downward slope: 8%
• The maximum upward slope: 3%

The track is laid out in the Chinese symbol for “Shang”, which translates as “high” or “above”. Incorporating 14 corners with an equal blend of left and right-handers that combine to form a 3.39-mile lap. A unique combination of slow spiraling corners, fast corners, hairpins long and short straights put high demands on the braking systems in the cars making Shanghai one of the most challenging circuits of the F1 season.

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