Computer Aided Design Big Part of New Teams Plans

by F1Fan on December 18, 2009

What does the newly announced Virgin Racing Team and USF1 have in common. Both teams are using the latest in advanced computer aided design “Computational Fluid Dynamics” or CFD.

This technology allows for the complete development of the race car without the need for expensive wind tunnel testing. In todays cost restricted environment within Formula One this is a really big deal.

While both companies are using similar technology they have taken different paths with the implementation. USF1 is doing most of the design in house whereas Virgin Racing has teamed with Wirth Research the company that has successfully built its reputation in advanced digital design, most recently developing both of the winning Acura American LeMan Series (ALMS) cars in the LMP1 and LMP2 categories during 2009.

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This advanced digital design environment, was the proving ground for the digital design process that Wirth Research perfected during the design of Acura’s all-new LMP1 car for 2009 , built and tested completely in a digital environment the car scored a sensational pole-position at the season opener in Sebring against the mighty diesels of Audi and Peugeot.

In ’09 Wirth Research enjoyed the sweet taste of victory, with their Acura designs cleaning up in both the ALMS P1 and P2 championships, with a record number of pole-positions, podiums and victories – the first manufacturer to ever achieve this in both classes simultaneously.

Not only were the Wirth Research Chassis’s fast they were also remarkably strong and safe as evidenced in the following video of a horrendous crash by Scott Sharp during the Petit Le Man’s practice. Scott Sharp amazingly walked away from this crash.

Time will tell which team has taken the correct path, but if it were me behind the wheel I would be feeling pretty safe & secure in a car designed by Wirth Research, and when a driver has that feeling typically speed follows.

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