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USF1 Serious F1 Contender or Smoke and Mirrors ?

by F1Fan on November 14, 2009

Browsing the Web for Formula 1 news one has to wonder if Team USF1 is real or just a mirage.

It seems like the bulk of the European press is hell bent on reporting every negative interpretation of the Teams progress or lack thereof

The other new teams for the 2010 season, Manor GP, Lotus and Campos Meta get nowhere near the same level of scrutiny or negative press so you have to wonder Why????.

Could it be that Europe is threatened by the specter of a competitive US team, reading between the lines USF1 is getting close to a position where it will be able to test the new car, but still rumors persist that USF1 will not make it to the grid for the first race.

I say cut USF1 some slack, surely no one deposits almost half a million dollars with the FIA to register for the 2010 season if they don’t believe they will be able to make it to the Grid.

Having a US team on the grid will be a huge boost for Formula One in the largest untapped market in the world, once we have a team then all we need is a US Grand Prix and a US Driver, I wonder where & who it will be?

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