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2009 F1 Season – A Good Year ?

by F1Fan on November 12, 2009

Well I guess the answer to this question is it depends who you are.

If you were Jenson Button then it was a the best year of your Formula One career, a dream finally realized. I still remember watching Button when he was a guest on Top Gear, the iconic English car show. When asked by Jeremy Clarkson what he would give to be Champion Button’s answer was “everything”. I must admit that at the time I thought he had little chance of ever fulfilling his dream. How wrong I was!

If you are a team member or fan of Brawn GP or Red Bull Racing then 2009 was a pretty fantastic year. Coming from nowhere in 2008 to completely dominate the 2009 season.

If you were a member of the management Committee at Honda that decided to kill Honda’s F1 program then you have spent most of he year eating humble pie, watching the car you paid untold millions to develop pummel the competition, especially in the first half of the season. Only to have salt rubbed in your wounds when Brawn GP claimed the constructors championship in Brazil with one race still to go, the goal that Honda had been unsuccessfully pursuing in recent years.

If you were McLaren or Ferrari it was a pretty terrible year although Mclaren did manage to regain some of their reputation in the later half of the season. But both cars were dogs early on barely scoring any points at all during the first seven races.

If you were BMW and Peter Sauber it was a bad year with the new car performing very poorly during most of the season and then BMW pulling the plug, rejecting Peter Saubers offer to save the team and refusing to sign the new concorde agreement, resulting in the team loosing it place on the grid for 2010 even though an Investor was finally found that would buy out BMW. Peter Sauber dubbed this whole fiasco as the most disappointing time of his career in Formula One so I guess that truly qualifies as a bad year.

If you were Force India 2009 was the year that the team earned its first ever championship points and Podium finish when Fisichella finished second to Kimi Raikkonen at Spa and very nearly won the race. So, aal in all a pretty good year.

If you were Fisichella 2009 was year of great highs with Force India and extreme lows at Ferrari, never truly getting to grips with the challenging F60 Ferrari.

If you were Kimi Raikkonen it must be a year that he will look back on with mixed emotions, the Ferrari was terrible yet he somehow found a way of getting the most out of the car and the win at SPA must have been one of the most satisfying of his career. To have his contract terminated by Ferrari in favor of Fernando Alonso who was also having a tough year in the Renault must have been a bitter pill to swallow, but even if he doesn’t drive in 2010 he will still be one of the highest paid drivers in Formula One next year s I guess its not all bad, although F1 would be better if he is in it.

If your were a FOTA member it must be a good year – the year you finally got rid of Max Mosely

If you were Rubens Barichello it should be a good year, going from Not even having a job to competing for the Drivers Championship and playing a large role in winning the Constructors Championship for your team.

If you were Sebastian Vettel – Good but you must be thinking if only my engine hadn’t blown up maybe I would have been Champion.

If you were Felipe Massa not such a good year, but all in all a damn lucky still to be here year.

For me as a ex-pat British Formula One fanatic it was a great year, a year the underdogs showed up the big names of Formula One. A year, although fraught with political intrigue much of which seemingly instigated by ex head of the FIA Max Mosley, that was finally settled in favor of teams and in my mind the Fans of F1. A year that was closely fought until almost the last race of the season, the year a British team and Driver took the World Championship. Not to mention the first year I have ever watched a Hotel change color.

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