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First Toyota, Now Renault?

by F1Fan on November 6, 2009

On the same day Toyota announced it is leaving F1 at the end of this year, Renault held an extraordinary board meeting to discuss its future plans, which did nothing to quell the rumors that it may also leave Formula 1.

Renault Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn did nothing to put the rumors to rest when asked about the situation today and was quoted by Reuters as saying:

“You will have to be patient. We will make an announcement on our participation in Formula 1 before the end of the year.”

During the last 12 months Formula 1 has gone from having six Auto Manufacturers fielding company funded teams to only two, with just Ferrari and Renault Remaining. Honda left at the end of the 2008 season, followed by BMW and then this past week Toyota.

So the question is does it really matter, I believe it does. F1 has been the pinnacle of Motorsports from both a Technical and Performance level for more than a decade, many of the past racing developments can now found in the cars we can buy today, without the Manufacturer involvement I cannot believe that this would have happened and with the current cost cutting measures I am concerned that F1 could become no more than another Spec Racing series.

Time will tell.

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