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Weather Maybe a Factor at Suzuka

by F1Fan on October 1, 2009

Friday practice at the Grand Prix of Japan was interrupted  by heavy rain, with additional rain being predicted for Qualifying and with a lower probability for race day. The weather at Suzuka could play a large part in the race and even the 2009 F1 Drivers Championship.

Suzuka is a very high speed circuit that has significant elevation changes throughout it’s course, in very wet conditions this can cause rivers of water to run across the track and increase the probability of hydroplaning making a challenging technical circuit extremely dangerous and the results even less predictable.

If Indeed the Race ends up being wet, that will not be good news for Jenson Button and his championship hopes. both of his closest competitors Rubens Barrichello and Sebastian Vettel are great wet weather drivers, as is Lewis Hamilton who while not in the Championship race could rob valuable championship points from Button.

Button can clinch  the championship at Suzuka finishing 4th or better, if Ruben’s and Sebastian out of the points.

However in wet conditions the more likely scenario is that Rubens and Vettel could end up in front of Button. Vettel’s chances of winning the Championship will be mathematically eliminated at this race if he finishes lower than 3rd even if  Button is out of the points, if this happens the fight would then be between Rubens and Button and would go on to Brazil and maybe even Abu Dhabi.

Grid position is going to critical this weekend at Suzuka for a good race finish especially if wet, so it will be interesting to see what transpires in Qualifying.

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