Grand Prix of Japan – Race Weekend Schedule

by F1Fan on September 29, 2009

Formula One stays in Asia for the fifteenth round of the 2009 World Championship, with the Grand Prix of Japan returning to Suzuka after a two year hiatus at Toyota’s Fuji circuit.

In the quarter century that the Japanese Grand Prix has been run, Suzuka has been its home for all but four of the races. Honda originally built the Suzuka circuit as a test track in 1962, but over the years it has become one of the drivers favorite circuits in the Championship and considered by many to be one of the all time classic circuits with its unique figure of eight layout.

Suzuka’s eighteen turns, include the legendary “Esses” and 130R, one of the most daunting corners on the calendar make Suzuka a real challenge. For several drivers on the grid, including Lewis Hamilton, Heikki Kovalainen, and championship contender Sebastian Vettel, this will be the first time racing at Suzuka making the challenge even greater.

Circuit:Suzuka Circuit
SessionPacific TimeMountain TimeCentral TimeEastern Time
Practice10:00 pm 10/1/09
11:00 pm 10/1/09
12:00 am 10/2/09
1:00 am 10/2/09
Qualifying10:00 pm 10/2/0911:00 pm 10/2/0912:00 am 10/3/091:00 am 10/3/09
Race09:30 pm 10/3/09
07:00 pm 10/4/09
09:30 am 10/5/09
10:30 pm 10/3/09
08:00 pm 10/4/09
10:30 am 10/5/09
11:30 pm 10/3/09
09:00 pm 10/4/09
11:30 am 10/5/09
12:30 am 10/4/09
10:00 pm 10/4/09
12:30 pm 10/5/09

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