Peter Sauber Return to F1 in 2010?

Sauber may Return to Formula One in 2010

by F1Fan on September 19, 2009

Following the recent sale of the BMW Sauber F1 team to Qadbak investments, it has been reported that Peter Sauber be directly involved with the new team.

Reportedly in a recent interview with the Swiss Newspaper “Blick”, Sauber confirmed that he is in active discussions with the Qadbak investment group:

“If the investors want me as the team head then I will do that; that doesn’t mean I want to do it – but the fact is I assured these people before the sale that I am at their disposal if they need me, no matter for what role.”

Sauber who sold his F1 team to BMW in 2005 retained a 20% minority ownership stake in the then new BMW Sauber team. Little detail of BMW’s sale to Qadbak are known and whether or not Peter Sauber retained his ownership stake in the team are unclear, but definitely it would make sense for Qadbak to take advantage of Saubers extensive knowledge of the Swiss, Hinwill based team.

With BMW’s withdrawal from F1 in 2010 the team will be faced with selecting a new engine supplier, rumors suggest that the Ferrari engine is at the top of the teams list, this may just be based on Peter Saubers relationship with Ferrari where Ferrari supplied Sauber with engines in the past, we shall see.

So far no news has been released on the teams new name, “Qadback Sauber” seems a bit of a mouthful but your guess is as good as mine.

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