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USF1 SpeedTV Interview – Not Much News

by F1Fan on August 25, 2009

I must admit that I was really disappointed in the Wind Tunnel interview with USF1 founder Ken Anderson and USF1’s new investor Chad Hurley, founder and CEO of YouTube.

I thought at a minimum we would find out if an announcement on Driver line up would be made in the near future, or the names of a Sponsor, or if Youtube/Google would be involved in some way, but all we got from Anderson was a lot of non specific mumbo jumbo. Paraphrasing Ken Anderson “Every days a new adventure”; “We’re on schedule”; “There’s a lot of good US Talent out there”;” We hope to have a roller by October” “We’re talking to potential Sponsors”, “This is my Dream Job” ; We’ll be talking to a lot of bright guys” and on and on. Talk about tight lipped and Krista Voda the lead interviewer for Speed couldn’t have been more easy on him.

I was really surprised that Bob Varsha didn’t asked some more pointed questions in light of his good knowledge of the formula One scene, and then Chad Hurley comes on by way of Video link from Palo Alto California and pretty much it was the same story all over again. Soft ball questions and no real illuminating answers I think the high spot was Chad saying that he, was a very busy guy and Ken and Peter would be talking a lot when asked about the level of his involvement with the team and that they would try to use new ways to connect the fans with the Drivers. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah,Blah!!!

Maybe my expectation level was just to high, but as a marketing vehicle this interview failed completely. I just can’t believe that a team that apparently is looking to build a US fan base can afford to blow off such a great opportunity, I really doubt USF1 gained many new fans as a result.

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