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Fiats Entry Into WRC May Signal Raikkonen Departure

by F1Fan on August 19, 2009

There have ben several unconfirmed reports that Fiat will enter the World Rally Championship (WRC) next year alongside Volkswagon.

If true then the rumors about Kimi Raikkonen leaving ferrari may have more credence especially if Fiat were to guarantee Kimi a drive in the factory Fiat WRC car.

During the recent Finnish Rally Raikkonen was performing exceptionally well when his car was stricken with engine problems, ever the competitor, Raikkonen continued to push hard only to crash out on particularly treacherous corner that had claimed other experienced WRC drivers.

Luckily Raikkonen and his navigator were unhurt, it could have been a lot worse.

According to many WRC pundits Raikkonen showed a truely competitive pace before the accident. So who knows maybe Raikkenon will follow in the footsteps of other great Finnish rally champions such as Tommi Mäkinen, Marcus Grönholm and current championship leader Mikko Hirvonen to claim the WRC world Championship for Finland once again.

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