Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, Montreal

Will USF1 get to Race in North America?

by F1Fan on August 16, 2009

Maybe, while the 2010 F1 race season will not have a US based race, Canada is at least on the same Continent and apparently the Canadian Grand Prix at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve has a good chance of making a return to the F1 race calendar.

Rumors about the return of the Canadian Grand prix have been circulating for some time, not all have been positive with it’s status having been on again, off again, several times already. However, Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay believes now that it is close to a done deal, citing that while certain commitments have to be refined he hopes to be able to make an official announcement before the F1 racing calendar is announced in September.

So with luck Team USF1 may at least have one “Home” race. If it happens, I hope a good number of US fans make it to Montreal to cheer on the new US based team. Montreal is a great city to visit, plenty to see and do and great restaurants, good wine and beer.

I have visited Montreal on many occasions, in the middle of winter (not to be recommended unless you like walking around in a deep freeze) and during the summer months and have always had a great time. In fact my wife and I had one of our best vacations ever traveling around Quebec during the summer a few years ago.

So if Montreal ends up on the F1 calendar, mark the date and plan a trip you’ll have a great time.

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