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USF1 Reaffirms Desire to Use American Drivers

by F1Fan on August 13, 2009

In a recent telephone interview Team USF1’s sporting director and co founder Peter Windsor reaffirmed his and co founder Ken Anderson’s desire for Team USF1 to use American drivers.

While acknowledging that during the first one or two years the team will need an experienced F1 driver to help with development of the car, which in turn means that one of the two race drivers will either be European or Latin as no American can currently claim to be an experienced F1 driver.

Pedro De La Rosa and Alexander Wurz have both been mentioned as potential lead drivers for USF1, another interesting possibility may be Rubens Barrichello, who depending on what happens with the end of season shuffle, may possibly find himself without a drive at Brawn GP.

The big question from USF1 brand perspective is who should fill the other seat, what current American motorsport driver has what it takes to make it in F1.

Many have tried and failed, Scott Speed being the last and not since Dan Gurney (1962) and Mario Andretti (last F1 win 1978) has an America won a Grand Prix, a long, long, time. Danica Patricks name has been bandied around in connection with USF1, but she has pretty much taken herself out of the pool of potential drivers claiming that she has absolutely no interest in an F1 seat, Peter Windsor also does not believe she would fit the team, and while very talented, he believes her expectations would not be a good match for a fledgling team such as USF1.

So, who would fit? IndyCar driver Gaham Rahal, budding IndyCar driver Marco Andretti and NASCAR star Kyle Busch have all been early mentions as possible drivers as was ex Scuderia Toro Rosso driver Scott Speed. More recently ex F3 driver Jonathan Summerton and his involvement in A1GP seems to have caught Peter Windsor’s eye, as a young US driver with real F1 potential.

Whoever finally ends up as the second USf1 driver will need to be patient, brand new teams are seldom competitive right out of the gate and it may take a few seasons to start moving up the points table.

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