No Shortage of Potential Sponsors for Team USF1

by F1Fan on August 7, 2009

Now that the Concorde agreement has been officially signed by all the teams save BMW, the new teams, Manor Gp, Campos GP and Team USF1,  with their participation in the F1 2010 Season ensured can get on with the serious work of raising cash and gaining sponsorship.

Peter Windsor Team USF1’s co-founder and Sporting Director is currently back in the US visiting the teams headquarters in Charlotte (the old Joe Gibbs Nascar team’s building) taking time out from his busy schedule as a commentator on SpeedTV’s F1 coverage during the Formula One summer break.

However he won’t be in Charlotte long and is planning with co founder Ken Anderson and other members of the team to be off on a road show presenting their story to potential sponsors.

“We’ve got a whole bunch of meetings, these are meetings that people have asked us to go to, because they have heard about us and they want to talk to us and see what it is all about. We haven’t actually gone out proactively and done what race teams normally do, which is go out and say who we are, aren’t we wonderful, but we haven’t done any of that yet….”

Apparently Team USF1 already have a many potential sponsors, not surprising really when the US economy is the largeest in the world and that F1 is by far the most watched sporting event world wide, what better avenue for a US company with global reach to promote its brand. In Windsor’s own words:

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that over 20 different companies have approached us with genuinely serious  interest in becoming part of USF1 and coming with us into Formula One, so that is very encouraging.”

Windsor believes that Team USF1 can become one of the most sought after teams in Formula One apparently a colleague in the media had told him that in a recent interview with one of the key marketing people within the Ferrari F1 team that from his interviewee’s viewpoint USF1 is already the second biggest brand in Formula One behind Ferrari.

I am sure some of the other teams such as McLaren Mercedes may take issue with this view but its not a bad start, now if USF1 can just find at least one US Driver perhaps F1 support in the US will really take off.

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