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Will Renault Race at Valencia

by F1Fan on July 31, 2009

Fernando Alonso’s unfortunate incident during the Hungarian Grand Prix, where his front right side wheel came off  the car following the Renault drivers first pit stop, has led to the possible suspension of the Renault F1 team from the European Grand Prix at Valencia in Spain.

Following the incident the race stewards imposed a one race suspension on Renault, which Renault has subsequently appealed. The appeal will be heard at the FIA’s International court of appeal on August 17th just  6 days before the next race.

While Massa’s accident during qualifying and the previous weeks fatal F2 accident involving Henry Surtees which both involved the drivers being struck by flying debris may have had some influence on the Stewards decision it seems to me suspension is a particularly harsh penalty, that not only effects the team but also negatively impacts the multitude of Spanish fans that have bought tickets to see their local hero Alonso compete and also the race organizers that will suffer reduced attendance at the event if Alonso is not racing.

The Organizers of the Valencia event, already struggling to fill seats  have requested that the FIA officials rethink the ban, so now it will be up to the FIA.

Let’s hope that reason prevails.

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