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Next Race “Hungaroring” – McLaren, Renault, Looking To Show Improved Pace

by F1Fan on July 19, 2009

Several Teams are expecting improved results at the Hungarian Grand Prix especially McLaren and Renault following their increased race pace displayed at Nürburgring last week.

While at the German Grand Prix, McLaren and Renault only had the upgrade packages fitted to the cars of Hamilton (McLaren) and Alonso (Renault), at the Hungaroring each Team will have the modifications on all cars as well as some additional tweaks.

The Hungaroring is a demanding twisty circuit having the slowest Lap times behind Monaco.

” “The Hungaroring is one of the most demanding circuits for drivers because you’re busy throughout the entire lap. It’s a bit like a kart circuit – there are lots of twists and turns and the only place to relax is along the start/finish straight, which is quite short. It’s also quite low-grip which makes overtaking particularly tricky. But I really enjoy the place – I won here in 2007 and was on pole last year. It’s a circuit that really rewards consistent, precise driving – push too hard and you tend to lose rather than gain time. Given the potential we showed in Germany last weekend, I’m hopeful of getting a result that demonstrates the improvement we’ve made over the past few weeks.” [Lewis Hamilton]

The track layout coupled with the high temperatures usually experienced in Hungary makes for a physically and mentally demanding race. To be fast at the Hungaroring you need good traction and mechanical grip, with so many low-speed corners Fernando Alonso puts it this way:

“you need a stable front end because if you understeer wide it will cost you a lot of time. Good traction and mechanical grip are also important to get a clean exit from the slow corners. Overtaking is really difficult and the only real opportunity is into turn one at the end of the main straight, so it’s important that we maximise our performance in qualifying so we can start the race well inside the top ten.” [Fernando Alonso]

During the German Grand Prix Alonso showed incredible speed once he was in clean air and is clearly looking forward to this next race:

“We have definitely improved and the latest upgrades made us much more competitive. It’s just a shame that I lost out in the wet qualifying because starting down in 12th (Germand Grand Prix) meant I was out of position and couldn’t show the true pace of the car in the first half of the race. When I did have some clean air, the car was really quick and I set the fastest time for 11 laps of the race so I think we had the potential to be on the podium. It’s always easy to say what might have been, but to come away with just two points was a bit disappointing.” [Fernando Alonso]

Alonso and Hamilton aren’t the only drivers looking to improve, Masa (Ferrari) is hoping for better luck than last year when he clearly had the race won only to be let down by engine failure. Kovalainen (McLaren) enjoys this circuit having won here last year and would love to improve on his performance to date now that will have a car that appears to =be more competitive and Piquet needs to show real improvement if he is going to maintain his seat at Renault.

The Hungaroring layout and the normally high track temperatures should also help the Brawn GP chassis so maybe we will see the return of Jenson Button and Barrichello to the podium, although Mark Webber and Sebatian Vettel will be looking to extend their streak of wins for Red Bull Racing.

It is going to be a really interesting race we should get to see which team really has improved their performance the most.

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