So Will The 3 New Teams Still Participate in 2010

by F1Fan on June 29, 2009

Now that FOTA has prevailed and the budget cap has been scrapped for 2010 what will be the three new teams: Campos Grand Prix; Manor Grand Prix and Team USF1; position.

It has been reported that at Team USF1 and Campos Grand Prix it is still full steam ahead neither team claiming that the budget cap was the sole reason for their 2010 entries. Manor has given a more guarded response and admitted that the removal of the budget cap has made their entry into Formula One “More Difficult”.

So reading between the lines we may well be down to twelve teams competing in 2010.

While their is no absolute budget cap the Manufacturer Teams under FOTA have agreed to massively reduced pricing for the supply of engines for the 2010 season, along with an undefined  commitment to support the new teams, so all is not lost for Campos, Manor and  USF1.

Given that the rules for 2010 under the agreement between the FIA and FOTA will now revert back to the 2009 rules , it is up for debate as to what effect that will have on the return of Cosworth. Originally it was proposed that the Cosworth engines would not be help to the same rev limits as the other Manufacturer engines, with the rev limit going out of the window I wonder if some of the new teams will rethink their engine supply option.

I just hope that at least a couple of the new teams stay with Cosworth, I really would like to see that famous Mark back in Formula One.

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