Record Attendance at British Grand Prix – Will Bernie Rethink?

by F1Fan on June 22, 2009

With Silverstone setting record attendance figures for the British Grand Prix of over 310,000 fans for the three days of this past weekend, will Bernie rethink moving the Grand Prix from Silverstone to Donnington Park.

Definitiely the prospect of seeing Jenson Button winning his seventh race this season and having two British drivers to cheer for  bought out the Fans in droves but also maybe they were showing Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley of just how much they want the British Grand Prix to stay where it is.

Silverstone has a special atmosphere and is favored by many of the Drivers and Fans alike, but maybe even more importantly in todays economy 310,000 paying fans must send a strong economic message to Bernie – Why mess with a money maker, especially given the low turn out at the Chinese and Turkish Grand Prix’s. China and Turkey could only just muster around 30,000 fans a piece. Even Friday practice at Silverstone packed in 85,000 and qualifying followed that up with 105,000 on Saturday, culminating with over 120,000 attending the race itself.

Jenson Button summed up the feeling of many, speaking after the race: “We’ve all spoken without saying a word. The last couple of races have not had many people, so to come here and see all these spectators…we don’t need to say anything. This Grand Prix is the most spectacular in F1. Monaco is special, but it is nothing like this. There has to be a GP here next year.”

So Bernie, I hope you and your bank account are listening.

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