FIA Bullying Continues

by F1Fan on June 19, 2009

Max Mosely and the FIA continue their confrontational stance with FOTA.

Today in response to FOTA’s decision to maintain the conditional nature of their entries for the F1 2010 Series the FIA annouced that it would begin legal proceedings to prevent FOTA from forming a break away championship series.

Why can’t Mosely compromise , if he seriously wants to protect Formula One and ensure its future success then bringing in the lawyers is doing nothing but making the situation worse.

The Fans want to see the best teams racing competitively against each other, I don’t give a dam about how much the teams spend as long as F1 remains sustainable and as long as there is a full grid that includes the teams that have been the backbone of F1.

For Gods Sake Max get back to the negotiation table and get rid of your ego, or take Sir Jackie Stewart’s advice and step down so that reason and fairness can prevail.

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