FIA Reveal Warped View Of Reality

by F1Fan on June 16, 2009

If we are believe the latest statement and pointed attack on the Formula One Teams Association by the FIA, the FIA and FOM alone have built F1 into what it is today. What utter bullshit crap unadulterated nonsense!!

I am incredulous that Mosely and his FIA cronies believe that F1 racing Fans will buy into such rubbish. To completely negate the role that the teams have played over the years in developing their Brands and race cars that embody the ultimate in Chassis, Engine, Transmission, Suspension and Aerodynamically efficient bodies, not to mention developing and identifying talented drivers is laughable. Each year the FIA messes with the rules causing untold amount of expense to the teams trying to slow the cars and yet each new season the cars claw back the speed through technological advancement. Technology enabling speed is the essence of F1

The FIA goes on to imply that the Teams come and go as they please this also not correct, although the names may change most of the teams on the Grid today can trace their heritage back to the start of modern Formula 1.

I wouldn’t want to be FOTA trying to negotiate a set of reasonable regulations for the F1 2010 Season with this bunch of megalomaniacs at the FIA who obviously believe they all walk on water.

Perhaps Mosely should take a cue from the current situation in Iran today. Dictators will eventually fall.

It’s time that the Fans make their voices heard.

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