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WIll Jenson Button Win Again?

by F1Fan on June 14, 2009

The Santander British Grand Prix

Next Sunday at the British Grand Prix Brawn GP will try to make it another one two on the podium.

Jenson Buton will be trying especially hard at his home GP and other than winning the F1 Championship this year, winning this race is most likely next to the top of his wish list.

Jenson’s Competition

But don’t expect Rubens Barrichello to make it easy for Button. Silverstone is a favorite track of Barrichello’s, the Sun (an English Daily Paper) quotes Rubens ““I think I’ll give Jenson a run for his money on Sunday…Silverstone is my top one. It’s a place I very much enjoy. The racing track for me is fantastic….We (Jenson) get on, not just in our professional lives but also in our personal lives because we have dinners together and so on. But he would say the same thing. He would want to win in Brazil without even thinking.”

Expect Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing, most likely the closest competitors to Brawn GP in terms of performance, to also be trying hard to prevent Button from fulfilling his goal.

The Biggest Competitor

In Reality the English weather is most likely the biggest challenge that Jenson Button will have to overcome. If it rains anything can happen. Last Year heavy rain late in the race caused all sorts of problems for the front runners and through a timely change to “Full Wet” tires Nick Hiedfeld went from Mid Pack to finishing in second place in just a couple of laps.

Should be an interesting Race so don’t forget to set those DVR’s!

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