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Team USF1. What do we know?

by F1Fan on June 13, 2009

Team USF1 Team Principals

Team USF1 is directed by Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, many F1 fans are most likely Familiar with Peter Windsor, especially if watching F1 on the “Speed” Channel.

Peter WindsorPeter Windsor: Peter has been a involved motorsport in one form or another for most of his career. Born in England and raised in Australia Peter worked his way through the journalism ranks to become the motorsport Editor for Autocar the British magazine (Late 70’s – 1985). In 1985 Peter began working in the motorsport industry proper, becoming sponsorship manager at Williams, followed by a stint as General Manager at Ferrari returning to Williams in 1991 as Team Manager. During the late 90’he continued with his Journalism career and moving into TV reporting. More recently Peter Windsor has been performing live reporting duties for the “Speed” Channel from the F1 pre-race grid commentary, interviews, post race press conference moderator and also does reports with Network Ten’s Australian coverage. Presumably now that Team USF1 has been confirmed as a 2010 F1 will be relinquishing most of these duties.

Ken AndersonKen Anderson: Fans may be less familiar with Ken Anderson. Ken Anderson has a long career behind the scene in Motorsport spanning over 30 years. Anderson has designed and constructed of  a number of Indy 500 and IndyCar series winning cars. He has also worked in the past as Technical director in F1 with the Ligier and Onyz Formula One teams, more recently worked on the advanced 180 mph rolling road Windshear Wind Tunnel which opened in September of 2008.

Team Location

Team USF1 will be based  around Charlotte North Carolina. Why? because this is the base for NASCAR and many  motorsport engineering firms in the US. The team is also planning to have a base of operations in Europe, France and Spain have been mentioned to serve as a logistical support facillity for the many European races.

Possible Drivers

Now that Team USF1 has been confirmed the rumors are flying over who will be their Drivers. While no official announcement has been made we know for prior comments that the team intends to use young American drivers, in a recent interview Peter Windor confirmed that the selection process has begun. Drivers that have been mentioned in connection with Team USF1 are former F1 driver Scott Speed, IndyCar femme fatale Danica Patrick, IndyCar  driver Gaham Rahal, budding IndyCar driver Marco Andretti and NASCAR star Kyle Busch.

The Car

Not much News yet other than we won’t see it won’t be ready for testing until early 2010. Confirmed by the official FIA entry confirmation we do know that it is going to use a new Cosworth Motor specifically designed to the F1 regulations.


Not much is known about the teams backers Their have been some reports of  4 minority investors but no official information has been released by the team.

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