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So Who’s Going To Be Racing In 2010?

by F1Fan on June 10, 2009

In just two days the FIA is meant to announce which Teams will be competing for the F1 championship in 2010.

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but this year with the dispute between the existing teams and Max Mosely the head of the FIA, the only Teams that we know for certain are Williams and Force India. The Eight active teams within FOTA have only submitted conditional entries depending upon FIA’s acceptance of their cost cutting proposals.

So there could be a massive hole in the field, however the budget cap has had one positive effect, many new teams have lined up to join the fray.

The First US Team

One of the first to announce was USF1 a US team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you watch Formula One on Speed Channel you will recognize one of the prinicpals of USF1 none other than Peter Windsor, Speed’s on track reporter and commentator . What you may not know is that Peter Windor has a long history in F1 working for Williams and Ferrari and ending up as Williams Team manager  back in 1991. Peter’s partner is Ken Anderson a Ligier’s former technical director.

The Rest of the Hopeful’s

The other new teams vying for a spot in F1 next year consist of Campos Meta 1 an offshoot of the successful GP2 team; Prodrive that may run under the Aston Martin name (Prodrive took over Aston Martin in 2007); Lola the succesful sportscar and single seater chassis builder who made an unsuccesful foray into F1 in 1997 that almost destroyed the company; Lightspeed a current F3 team that is planning to operate under the Lotus banner as long as the lawyers don’t get in the way; Epsilon Eusakai a spanish team who’ owner has a long and successful track record in F1 during the 90’s; Brabham which is really a reincarnation of Super Aguri team that ceased operation through lack of funding part way through the 2008 season. The lawyers are involved here as well in a dispute over the use of the Brabham name;  Team Superfund a collaboration between Alex Wurz ex Benetton, McLaren and William driver and entrepreneur Christian Baha owner of SuperFund; MSC the owner of N. Technology an Italian team better known for its success in touring car racing, apparently if successful they will run as N. Technology and lastly March that famous racing name connected with Max Mosely who originally created MArch along with 3 colleagues. Not much is known about the March entry other than it will be a start up organization.

So What Next

While it is good to see all of this increased interest from these new teams, in my mind it would make a mockery of the sport If the FIA choose to exclude the very teams that have built the sport into what it is today, have the drivers, the fan base and competitive cars.

I can only hope that common sense will finally win out.

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