The Absolute Best Way To Watch Formula One

by F1Fan on June 9, 2009

So what does Cable or Satellite TV and DVR functionality have to do with Formula One racing.

I’ll tell you – In my mind they are all key for any formula one Fan living in the US or for that matter anywhere else in the world. F1 is a world wide series having races in almost every continent with the exception of North America. While a lucky few may have the money to jet around the world the vast majority of us are stuck watching the race on the “Box”. The inherent time differences make watching races live taxing to say the least.

I guess some hard core fans get up in the early hours of the morning to watch the broadcast live, not me I use my DVR functionality in my satellite  receiver to record the Practice, Qualifying and the Race and then watch them at my leasure usually early in morning before the rest of the family stirs.

Be Careful with your “Record Series” settings

Yesterday I was pretty pissed off upset that I had to wait until after noon to be able to watch The Turkish Gran Prix, but I would have been even more annoyed if I hadn’t heard the announcement on Speed while watching Practice that they weren’t going to be carrying the Turkish Grand Prix race and that it was going to broadcast by the FOX channel.

Hearing that announcement allowed me to check my DVR record settings and guess what my  Formula One “Record Series” setting wasn’t picking up the actual race. I had to go in and add the FOX broadcast of the Turkish Grand Prix Race (I use the DirecTV  HD-DVR HR20-700) .

Unlike Speed Channel which broadcasts the race live FOX delays the broacast so that it can get better viewing numbers, I pretty much never watch anything live any more, I like to avoid all the ads by watching the recorded version on my DVR which has the advantage of cutting the time taken to watch the race down by almost an hour.

Check your Settings for the Next Grand Prix

The next race of the Season will be the British Grand Prix held in at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamtonshire

Practice June 19th, Qualifying June 20th, Race June 21st.

In the US Speed Channel will be carrying Practice ( June 19th 9:00 am ET) & Qualifying (June 20th 8:00 am ET)

Infortunately for me FOX will be carrying the Race on June 21st check your local affiliate listings for actual Time.


The German and Hungarian Grand Prix’s will also be carried by FOX, I should be adding a complete schedule in the next few days.

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