Is Mosley Killing F1?

by F1Fan on June 8, 2009

Apparently the Spanish newspaper AS has reported that FOTA the Formula One Teams Association is in negotiations with Dorna organizers of  MotoGP regarding the possibility of launching a breakaway Grand Prix racing series if Max Mosley doesn’t bend to FOTA’s proposals.

Mosely is playing hard ball and in a recent letter to FOTA members has requested their un-qualified entry for the 2010 F1 Season by the end of business tomorrow, June 9, 2009. Previously FOTA had proposed revised rules in regard to how costs could be reduced and requested FIA’s acceptance of these proposals for the 2010 F1 Season by June 12.

Mosely seems to be placing the interests of possible new inexperienced F1 team entrants above the interests of the existing teams which have supported the sport over many years and in most cases invested Hundreds and Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in getting where they are today.

To me Formula One is the pinnacle of Auto Racing, and should be the fastest, the most exclusive and use the most technologically advanced auto racing full stop! While some form of monetary limits are most likely warranted to ensure a full grid and healthy competition, arbitrary Limits imposed by Max Mosely through the auspices of the FIA will change the very nature of the sport that we follow and love.

I don’t need or want two competing Formula One series, I want a single strong cohesive race series that has the fastest most technologically advanced cars on the planet with the best drivers.

So Max, try to put your ego away, sit down with FOTA without preconditions and get this resolved. Living in america I’ve seen where setting preconditions prior to negotiation gets you – ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.

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